Disney is a Magical Place (30 Pics)

Can I be Sally?? PLEASE OMFG

the deadmau5 photo tho ha ha ha


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I’ve been waiting for this gifset my whole life.

So I’m assuming at least 95% of tumblr is hearing this whole scene perfectly in their head, right?

the idea of people not hearing this in their head is inconceivable

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Vulture tells Mark Ruffalo about Science Bros.  Mark loves it, plans to call RDJ about it.

From Vulture:

Does that mean he’s never heard of “Science Bros,” an Internet subculture celebrating the friendship of Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, the characters Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. played in The Avengers?

“No, what is that?” he asked.

And then the giggles began.

  • “Yes! It’s me and Robert! Look at this! There’s thousands of them!” Ruffalo tried to contain himself. “It’s called the Science Bros. This is awesome. I’ve never heard of it. Why hasn’t anyone told me about that?”
  • “So, are they all quasi-homoerotic?” he asked. “Like tinged with … ” Yup. “That’s cute!” 
  • Is he now a Science Bros shipper, then? “Yeah! I love it; it’s awesome,” Ruffalo enthused. “I endorse it 100 percent. You know what it is? It’s open-source creativity.”
  • Ruffalo couldn’t wait to drop his newfound knowledge bomb on Downey Jr. “I’m going to call him and tell him, and he’s going to laugh his ass off,” Ruffalo said. “He’ll love that.”
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"Ron’s anxieties and senses of inadequacy… are the inspiration for some of Rowling’s best writing across the series. Not all of these fears stem from being the rather more ordinary best friend to someone who is Chosen. Ron is ashamed of his family’s financial limitations, which leave him with broken wands, hand-me-down pets, and ragged dress robes, all of which stand up poorly to Harry’s magical tools, his beloved Hedwig, and his sleek party outfit. The moment in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire when Ron discovers that the gold he used to pay Harry back for the Omniculars Harry purchased for him as a treat at the Quidditch World Cup vanished, and that Harry didn’t notice because he has so much money, is one of the sharpest depictions of the awkwardness of financial inequality in a friendship that I can remember. Their gap in Quidditch skills is another area of friction. And the scene in Deathly Hallows in which Ron, having made tremendous efforts to return to the friends he abandoned, confronts his terror that Harry is more desirable than Ron in every area, whether as a son to Mrs. Weasley or a potential lover to Hermione, is a beautiful illustration of how difficult it is to love someone who constantly eclipses you."



What gets me in this scene is George lost the most important person in his life and he’s grieving, he’s terrified, he’s confused and he doesn’t know what to do. But he sees his little brother come in. And he knows that he could have lost him too and that in itself is not something he could deal with. So he is able to tear himself away from his other half to hug his baby brother. The brother he teased mercilessly and pranked. The brother he was never really the nicest too. But it didn’t matter in that moment because he was alive and he could not take another person he loved leaving him. 

excuse u who gave u the right

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Last time I checked Lily Potter was a HUMAN BEING who made her OWN CHOICES and she LOVED JAMES and ISN’T A PRIZE TO BE WON BY TWO BOYS

she made her choices and was happy with them. Why can’t we be?

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hp memeten scenes [5/10] » The Seven Potters

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